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The thing about life is that it feels like sh*t when you live it by someone else's rules.
I am here to help you write your own rule book.

Putting your needs first will help you align to your truth, your potential, and your real desires so that you can show up in the world like you were meant to. This is not about being selfish, it's about pouring from a full freaking cup for once. What would it be like to choose you first?
It's worth a shot to find out!

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Are you a coach or space holder? Master the mindset for your clients.


Meet with like-minded peers to practice meeting your needs first.

A Complete Series On Cultivating A Practice of Self-support For People Who Hold Space For Others.
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“Working with Dr. Brea is a game changer. She’s thorough, organized, and explains things in a no-nonsense way that makes it easy for anyone—beginners to experts—to learn something from her courses and take their game to the next level.”

James Brown, Influencer

I wish I knew this stuff earlier! Why don't they teach it in schools?!

James Brown, Influencer
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Deep dive with a behavior and relationship expert to find out what it takes to live your most authentic expression of your highest self both in your work and in your relationships.
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