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This Is Your Complete Guide To Feeling Like Yourself Again After Relationship Conflict.
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Maybe You Can Relate?

Here's the sitch...
You just left a relationship that was no longer serving you. You know it is for the best but it still hurts. Some days you feel great about it and other days you can hardly function. You love hard. You trust despite your past. You give your all and expect your partner to give their all also, but you didn't get that in return, and now you are searching for a way to put yourself first again and sort out the way forward.

And the issue is that....
You are grateful for the experience, and at the same time angry about the ways you let this experience drain your self-esteem. You believe that real, honest, respectful love exists but you don't know how to get there. You don't want to lose yourself in another relationship but you long for a deep, intimate, committed partnership.
You know you have attracted the wrong people in the past and you are ready to do some work on how you
show up in relationships in the future. There are lessons to learn, things that need to be healed,
things that need to be released, and things that you need to do for yourself during this process.

You need support, direction, and ACTIONABLE ADVICE.

Fortunately, There IS A Way Forward

And the lifeline you have been looking for is....
The Becoming Me Again eCourse has all of the actionable advice for exactly what to do in the first 24 hours and ongoing. These are tested and proven ways to regulate your nervous system response to a breakup, on-board your self-esteem, and take responsibility for how you heal and how you show up in relationships going forward. The course is a guide with checklists, daily routines, breathing exercises, educational pieces and mindset challenges to get you back to your center. You deserve peace, support, and health as you navigate this experience. This will be exactly that.
Becoming Me Again Course Details


Hours of Course Content


Tools & Reference Guides


Journal Prompts
Compare to Esther Perel's Course on Relational Intelegence:
Becoming Me Again has 100% more content & tools you own and customize, for half the price!

What's In The Course

  • Do's and Dont's of surviving breakups
  • Mental Health First Aid Checklist
  • Guided energy movement practice
  • Guided beathwork and meditation for anxiety
  • Video content on what happens emotionally during a break up
  • Video content on Attachment Theory and codependency
  • Integrated journal & prompts
  • Integrated note-taking tool and recommended self-help book list
  • Discovering your strengths activity
  • highest self integrated journal & prompts
  • Directions on how to integrate and heal your inner child wound
  • Setting, holding, and adjusting boundaries deep dive
  • Dating yourself activity
  • Integrated digital healthy habits goal tracker
  • Emotional Intelligence 101
  • Conflict repair strategies
  • Lessons on defining love
  • How to spot red flags

How It Works

Become yourself again with these three simple steps:

This course is on Notion. You will get the link to the Notion template and will be able to duplicate the whole course into your own Notion workspace. That means you will have customizable access to all the tools that are embedded into the course! You will be able to write in the journal and save your entries, check of tasks, and add your own notes for assignments, all in your own private workspace that you own forever.


Download Notion

The course is built on Notion! There are tons of tools including a journal loaded with prompts, a habit tracker, and a book notes database in addition to course videos!
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Duplicate Template

The Notion Course is a template so that you can duplicate it and then completely customize your experience. A link to duplicate the template comes with your purchase.
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Open the course on the Notion App either on your desktop or smart phone, and access the course pages at any time. Go through the course as fast or as slow as you want and need.
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Peace of Mind Guarantee

We will give you the tools you need to become yourself again so that you can heal now and build healthy secure relationships in the future. All you have to do to gain this peace of mind is to invest in your healing and show up to do the work!

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About Dr. Brea

Dr. Breanna Reeser
is a Certified Relationship Coach with a PhD in Behavior Change and 15 years experience in the coaching industry. She is passionate about whole health and about helping people heal from codependency so that they can have healthy and secure relationships.

  • Certified PIVOT Relationship Coach
  • BA in Kinesiology
  • MS in Health Systems Innovation
  • Ph.D. in Integrated Behavioral Health
  • RYS YTT 200 + Exercise Is Medicine Certification